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Once upon a time

Patchino was started with a spirit to quench our thirst for looking for something novel and original. When we were all set to start a business, we urged to do something that was afresh in concept and surprise to our customers. Whose life is not better with fresh baked cookies? But, who doesn’t mind a brownie they are feeling down? We certainly wanted to experiment and enjoy the rush of adventure that we are taking. Imagine two confectionary titans brought together to a single delicacy, thus evolves our brookie. Our brand idea has been advanced along with a veteran team of international chefs and acclaimed food critics and reviewers. We molded and blended our idea with such keenly chosen expertise and exposure.

Patchino is a child of a beautiful concept that has evolved along with me as a young adult. Even before the advent of microwave oven and fancy cookers, in our early childhood, our mothers and grandmothers used to make cookies and cakes using charcoal and mud stoves. It has always been a feast as the ladies sat together with dedication to the making and baking of the delicacies. Warmth from the stove, aroma of freshly baked cookies and glimpses of cooking fiesta forms the feeling of home for us now. Childhood can cease to exist, but you can built a home and essence of it in your daily life.

This strong idea steered us to selling premium homemade cookies pampered with variety of spices grown in the Indian subcontinent in different climates and parts of the country. The whole concept has been born from the fusion of cultures and feeling of homeliness, we are introducing a half brownie-half cookie – brookies! We had no roadblock in developing a feeling of home in our business. Thus business relieves the pain of seeking home everywhere and spun to a solace that lets us live forever. Moreover, what else can bring back the warmth of home and air of cheerfulness than a jar full of homemade brookies! And, we are glad to have an opportunity to share a piece of our home to people along with an expression of traditional and cultural identity.


Patchino focuses on providing high quality ingredients in blending and molding of our brookies. We give keen attention to the flavor, texture and appearance of each brookie that we package to our loyal customers. We also aim to produce healthy brookies, without making you count calories, with an added advantage of various other beneficial specialty ingredients.


The key element of innovativeness is our product itself. Half cookie - half brownie was a decision made by our team after multiple tests and trails involving proficient and experienced confectionary chefs along with various food critics and reviewers. Further, they approve of the high health quotient involved in the brookies which make our product grab a forefront position in the wave of new fad of healthy world.


Our team set aside a great amount of time to work fresh, updated and makeshift ideas to improve our customer satisfaction at all levels. We have a team who obsessively research to understand the customer behavior and cater to all of the needs that might arise. While delivering freshly baked brookies, we input our best resources ensuring that all ingredients are quality